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Melanie D. Calvert, a.k.a. "Grady Clark"

Mississippi Author & Her Books
Melanie has written "A Southern Moon Rising."

Historical Romance

Mississippi Author Grady Clark has teamed up with western fiction author W.R. Benton (her husband) to create a series of books about the west. She'll still be writing historical romance, but she'll also be doing historical westerns. Melanie has a number of plots in mind and most will be in the period following the Civil War. Be sure to visit the site often to find more historical romance.

Melanie Calvert

It was an InterestingTime
The West was a place where you could die in a minute.

Historical Romance

The west was nothing like television or today'sfiction books, with danger and death around every corner, but it was rough enough. Imagine the courage it must have taken to walk beside a wagon for hundreds of miles, so only the tough even started a trip. Once started there was no guarantee you'd live to complete the trip and many didn't, leaving their bones to whiten in the burning sun


Adventure and Excitement
Life was 98% boredom, filled with 2% of excitement.

Historical Romance

Unless the Indian tribes were at war, the most exciting aspect of the west was during cattle drives. These drives started from many different states, but most ended in Kansas, or at times Nebraska. Cattle moved to the money. Love on the other hand, was as it is today, but not as open and women could ruin a reputation quickly. Morals were high.


Grady Clark
"The Best in Historical Romance - Action packed, filled with love and danger!" Author W. R. Benton

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